Our Mission is simple...

Our mission is to be available to business owners when they need us.

What is Omnia?

Whether it’s because of a low credit score, cash flow problems, or lack of collateral, getting business funding can be difficult. These factors can prevent you from getting the growth capital you need to take your business to the next level. When banks fail to provide funding when you need it most, that is where Omnia comes in.

Omnia Funding is a 1-on-1 business funding solution founded on the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs alike. We provide a variety of business funding solutions, and applying is simple. Our streamlined workflow will have your application reviewed and processed the same day as your submission is received; accelerating the process and saving you time. Omnia makes funding your business simple and it’s available to you at the click of a button.

What's Our Purpose?

Speed, Convenience, and Cost are the 3 main concerns when it comes to a business owner seeking out the best options to suit their needs.

Running a business comes with its own peaks and valleys. Banks do NOT offer accessible funding to fairly new, or struggling businesses.

Sometimes the banks just don’t move quick enough for you to seize an opportunity in front of you, and that’s why Omnia is here for you.


Businesses Served

12+ Billion


Omnia Funding


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Founder and CEO John Peter Moceo began his career in the financial industry in 2013.

Managing numerous small MCA companies in Staten Island NY, John built relationships with lenders, banks, and funders who offered a wide variety of products for business owners.

To his surprise, many business owners were not aware of these products, so John opened up Diamond Capital Funding in 2016 with partners.

Through the years, Servicing somewhere in the area of 8-9,000 businesses, and facilitating around $12B in funding for businesses across the country, John began to venture out into new territory, expanding the horizons of the products offered.

Omnia Funding Inc. was created in 2021, as a Post-Covid Financial Solution for Business owners.

John Peter Moceo - President/CEO - Omnia Funding, Inc.

John Peter Moceo

Founder & CEO

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