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*Minimum Requirements:

  • Years in Business: 2+ Years
  • Credit Score: 550+
  • Revenue: $10,000-$15,000/mo



Who’s this for?

Automotive Businesses Owners…

  • Looking to get a better deal on their existing business loan.
  • Looking for the cheapest loan offers.
  • Waiting on their SBA.
  • Who want the lowest possible interest rates.
  • Looking for a reliable funding solution that won’t take advantage of them.



What makes Omnia different?

  • Best Loan Terms Compared to Competitors
  • Loans as Soon as the Same Day.
  • Lowest Interest Rates in the Industry.
  • Refinancing & Renegotiating Options.
  • No Credit Pull (FREE Application)
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Bad Credit Accepted
  • No Paperwork
  • One-on-One Experience
  • Special Loan Offers
  • Secure Online Application
Business loan application
Minimum [2-years] in business required.
Minimum [$10,000 per month] required | (Average over past 4-months)
Minimum credit [550]. Very important to be accurate for the most suitable loan offer! (This won't affect your credit score)

"Excellent Management team" - Giuliano

"Have worked with John personally and he was very nice and made the process quick and easy." - Allie

"Recently was funded and the experience was exceptional. Customer treatment was kind and patient and thorough. Term and rate were very affordable right now, as i didnt take the maximum amount they offered. Thank you for this during a post covid business world where small businesses are given the back burner." - John

"Beyond satisfied with my experience with Omnia Funding. Simple, quick, and safe application. Follow-up was professional and responsive. No collateral, and credit score is no issue. After COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates slowing down my businesses, this is the solution I and others need. Thank you!!" - Justin

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